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Gain the benefit of using less energy while enjoying better comfort and reliability. Annual maintenance is extremely important for your heating and cooling equipment. A well running heating or cooling system can save up to 10% per year on fuel and electricity costs, but that’s not all. When your heating and cooling system is tuned and maintained properly it is an investment in equipment longevity. Your heating and cooling systems are the most important “appliances” in your home and some of the most costly to replace. Keep them running reliably, efficiently, and safely with an expert tune up from one of our licensed technicians.

1. Inspect oil tank and fuel supply systems

2. Replace oil filter cartridge & pump strainer

3. Clean nozzle assembly and replace nozzle

4. Inspect burner fan, coupling and chamber

5. Check and adjust electrodes and controls

6. Check and set oil pump pressure

7. Lubricate: blower motor, burner, circulator(s) & power venter motor

8. Check fan belt and replace as needed

9. Inspect air filters

10. Inspect and clean smoke pipe

11. Inspect and vacuum combustion chamber and boiler sections

12. Total system safety inspection

13. Visually inspect wiring

14. Check operation of thermostat(s)

15. Test antifreeze, when applicable

16. Adjust system to maximum efficiency

17. Balance draft regulator

18. Perform a combustion efficiency test

19. Check for oil, air & water leaks

20. Clean up work area

Ask about our 20 point oil heating tune - up

Condensing Unit

• Prepare the whole system for summer operation

• Check refrigerant charge (refrigerant not included)

• Check and record high-pressure and low-pressure levels

• Check superheat and/or sub-cooling

• Inspect and lubricate motors

• Clean debris from condenser fan and coil

• Inspect line-set connections

• Inspect wiring connections

• Inspect contactor function

• Inspect safety controls


Air Handling Unit

• Inspect Air Filter

• Check evaporator coil for dirt build up

• Check blower wheel for dirt build up

• Check condensate drain line and connections

• Check condensate pump

• Inspect fan belts

• Lubricate blower motor

• Total system safety inspection

Obtain an 18 point central air tune - up

Help add years of life while saving up to 10% on your energy costs. Keep your warranty valid with preventative maintenance.

Schedule your tune - ups between March and September.


  • Save up to 10% on heating costs


  • Help to add years of life expectancy to your expensive equipment


  • DON’T VOID YOUR WARRANTY! Many manufactures will void your warranty if you do not receive yearly professional preventive maintenance


Our precision tune-ups include the following services by our own qualified, licensed technicians.


Ask about our 20 point oil heating tune - up

We recommend scheduling your tune-up between


March & September