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A Full Service, Family Owned & Operated Oil Company!

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Don't be fooled by discounters pretending to be full service!

We provide our customers with the safety and security of a wide array of full service products and services.


Some of these are:


We provide 24-hour emergency service by our own professionally-trained techniciansthis includes weekends and holidays.


- Most discount companies are only interested in supplying oil to customers. They may advertise "burner service available" but this is typically a subcontractor handling service calls for them. A subcontractor may not come out promptly, or at all, on weekends or holidays.


We offer automatic delivery of oil - no need to check your tank - we take care of predicting when your next delivery is due through our "degree-day" delivery program.


- Many discount companies require that you call for your own oil they don't always provide the peace of mind of automatic delivery service for you.


We offer payment options - no need to pay C.O.D. - take advantage of one of our convenient payment options:


In addition to cash or personal check, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also offer an Equal Monthly Payment Plan. With this Budget Plan, you know your monthly heating costs in advance. We estimate the total cost of your annual heating requirements, then divide it into 11 equal payments.


- The lower price that discounters advertise is often a C.O.D. price, meaning you need to be there to pay the driver cash when they deliver the oil.


We offer professional installation of new high-efficiency heating systems - you can cut your fuel bills up to 30%

- call us for an estimate.


- Discounters, who do not provide regular service on your unit, may not be able to install or recommend the right system for your home.


Contact Tarry Fuel Oil Co. at 914-631-2580 to get more information. Proudly Serving The Rivertowns For Over 50 Years!

Enjoy the safety and security of the wide range of complete products and services that we provide you.

Don't be fooled by others pretending to be full service!